VGR (pronounced ‘vigor’) Health, LLC aims to develop high impact, direct responses to pressing health-related needs. 

VGR tries to overcome limitations that could otherwise prevent patients, caregivers, and healthcare companies from realizing their full potential. 

VGR provides R&D, Quality, and other product development services via consulting and partnerships.

VGR Health is owned and operated by Nathaniel Skinner, PhD.


(V)enture Higher

People have tremendous potential

VGR elevates the quality of life for those living in underserved areas

(e.g., telemedicine , micro-loan charitable giving, sustainable and indigenous business formation)


(G)et Better

Injury or illness can prevent us from being our best

VGR helps develop products and services to restore and protect our capacity for greatness

(e.g., rehabilitation hardware and programs, orthopedic implant design, catheter-based medical devices)


(R)each Further

We are capable of more than we might think

VGR promotes creativity, growth, and better outcomes for individuals and their health-related businesses

(e.g., new paradigms in quality management software, mountain-running event sponsorship)

Selected Partners & Clients

Quality Management System software

All-in-one sales platform

Medical device manufacturing

GI endoscopic devices and accessories

Medical device consultancy

The shock absorber for your knee

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